Interview with SmokeyDevil

Interview with SmokeyDevil

Recently, Gamer Reloaded sat down with the CEO of Revillution, webmaster & Mixer Streamer, SmokeyDevil to ask him a few questions about his streaming career and a few other things to get to know the man behind the devil icon a little better.

GR: When did you start gaming?
Smokey: I started gaming when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I’m 29 now, and I don’t see me stopping.

GR: What inspired you to create Revillution?
Smokey: Well, I was always into forums and gaming sites like IGN, GameShark, CMGSCCC, I was a part of a few communities back in the day, but a lot of them died off, shut down, or just changed drastically, I was tired of the same old, sites popping up and closing a week later, so I decided Revillution would be different, while yes, it had it’s roadblocks, bumps and ups and downs, it’s back now and here for the long haul. You can even promote your streams on there.

GR: Streaming, let’s talk about that, what made you start streaming? How long have you been streaming for?
Smokey: I started streaming back in October 2017. I had made an account earlier that year on, after checking it out, I never tried streaming until around October. I realized I was able to stream directly from my xbox, which at the time, I found to be mindblowing. I streamed a few times, and then started getting more serious with it. I upgraded my setup so I could stream from my PC using a capture card and haven’t looked back. This past July I just hit 1000 followers on, which is what turned into, I’m an OG Beam member and a proud one at that. I’ve met so many awesome people through streaming, some of which are featured on this site, the likes of ELSock, PowWarPig, BloodNekoKiux and BVR to name a few.

GR: Who inspires you the most as a streamer?
Smokey: I have a few fellow streamers that inspire me, and that I connect with, people like PoWWarPig and ELSock, they seem to resemble how I am as a person, closer than other streamers, that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy watching others, because there’s plenty of others I’ve taken some form of inspiration from in one way or another. The biggest person that’s inspired me? Is my girlfriend Shortie, she started streaming around the same time and we’ve supported each other through our streaming journey since day one.

GR: What are your plans for the future?
Smokey: As a streamer, I’d like to achieve Mixer partnership. As a webmaster/developer, I’d like Revillution to become a successful site. Ideally, for it to become a household name like IGN.

GR: How do you help other streamers?
Smokey: I try to support as many as I can, even if it’s just by dedicating 5 minutes of my time to jump into their stream and say hello.

GR: Do you think Revillution can become a viable tool for streamers and promoting their brand/content?
Smokey: I think so, I’m constantly promoting and advertising Revillution, on social media, on other forums, hell I even advertise it on my own mixer channel. i’m even considering renaming my team to Revillution.

GR: What’s your favorite video game?
Smokey: That’s a tricky question, my all-time favorite game? It might be a tie between Shenmue and Yakuza. Both are sega titles with similar mechanics and storylines……one would say Yakuza is the spiritual successor to the Shenmue series.

GR: Favorite console?
Smokey: OF all time? Sega Dreamcast. This generation? Xbox One.

GR: Any plans to go to any gaming conventions to help promote Revillution?
Smokey: I’d like to go to Pax East one year, hang out with fellow streamers and influencers. I’m also considering putting out a few promotional shirts for Revillution. I have an old mousepad from back in the day when I first created Revillution.

GR: I noticed it’s, Why not
Smokey: We actually owned originally, when I closed it for a hiatus when I was too busy to run a site, we lost the rights to the .com and someone else purchased it….I was lucky enough to be able to get the .net extension.

GR: Where did the name SmokeyDevil come from?
Smokey: I started out as GDX Smokey, that’s my gamertag on xbox, and it was a handle I used on Mixer for awhile, but they put an Underscore in place of the space, and it looked weird. I changed it to SmokeyDevil because just “Smokey” was taken (bastards) and i’m a huge devils fan, so I figured it’d fit……Unfortunately…..SmokeyDevil as a gamertag on both xbox and PSN are taken, so I’m considering yet another rebrand……

GR: To what?
Smokey: Not sure yet, but it’ll definitely have Smokey in the name….That’s what people know me as, that’s who I am…..

GR: Thanks for chatting with us! Where can people find you?
Smokey: Twitter @Smokey_Devil. Site: , and of course on Mixer:


Revillution returns!

Revillution, a site that I hold near and dear to my heart has returned! After a hiatus of about 2 years, we decided it’s time to revive it! We will be putting in all our efforts into the GR blog and Revillution itself going forward. The blog here will serve as a gaming & streaming hub for content creators while Revillution will serve as a gaming & entertainment site for everyone to enjoy with lots of different topics to discuss!


You can visit & join Revillution by clicking the Forums link above or by visiting the following URL: